Resident Romeo
Very good Nigerian food and well provided customer service. Order Online and Come in to eat.
mercy maduka
You will not regret it. Large amount of food, very flavorful and worth the price. Definitely my go to restaurant
Zhane aziz
food was so fresh and good & the price was reasonable!
Anicia Anya
Very authentic and delicious Nigerian food! Tastes like I’m back home in my village! Sometimes it’s a bit spicy but great to cleanse your system!
Jenny Charles
I had egusi soup and it was really good. The closest I’ve had to my home made version. The meat smells clean and the amount you get is reasonable. I recommend!
MHz Studios
Authentic Nigerian food. Their jollof rice with turkey is amazing. So tasty. They have never failed me. Also, my tongue and stomach enjoyed their yam and egg dish too. I order food from them 3x a week. I can't wait to try their other offerings from their menu. Good job Wakky's.
yemisi onayemi
There is absolutely nothing I’ve tried from this restaurant that I do not like! Food is always fresh! … it takes long if you order a lot but it so worth it!! My top favorites are ; Seafood Okra Banga soup Goat pepper soup Oha soup Banga rice Fried Yam with Fried fish and sauce. I’ll update with photos soon!!